Sierra Bravo Aviation is an FAA Part 91 maintenance facility that offers a variety of inspections for general aviation aircraft. We can service your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter’s upcoming annual inspection, as well as compliance with your hourly Airworthiness Directives. We can also develop a customized service plan for your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter during your interval maintenance, such as adding in spark plug cleaning & gapping or replacement, hydraulic servicing, or compression checks and oil sampling trend analysis, to just name a few.

Sierra Bravo Aviation can also complete custom pre-buy inspections, such as traveling to the fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter location or completing this on fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters you bring to our field or a surrounding area. This includes an in-depth logbook research history and ensuring all 8110-3 & STCs noted in the logbook history are complied with. We can make sure that you have all of the information regarding whatever fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter you are interested in potentially purchasing. Contact us today for more details!