Specialized Services

Sierra Bravo Aviation, since its founding, has been heavily active in working with our customer aircraft’s major fabrication and repair needs. We can coordinate with the DER for your 8110-3’s you wish to done on your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter and ensure everything is in compliance with the STC holder for other modifications or repairs. We have a long history of fabricating fixed-wing aircraft for the purposes of aerial survey that have a variety of configurations as required by our customers. If you are interesting in this type of major modification, we can accommodate!

Along with all of this, we can coordinate engine and propeller overhauls with our close network of providers to ensure as fast as a turn-around time as possible. We specialize in finding “hard-to-find” parts for all fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter types, especially for older makes and models. Finally, we can work with you to develop a panel upgrade or upholstery plan to improve the functionality and the “look and feel” of your personal fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter. In summary, if you need anything done with any type of fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, nothing is out of the realm of possibility for our experienced maintenance team!